In This Mini Course You Will...

  • Know how to secure your company name

  • Know how to legally set up your business

  • Be positioned to establish business credit

  • Know which structure is right for you

  • Have a company whose set up will assist with qualifying you for government contracts, funding, & More

The Easy Business Set-Up Mini Course

Stop googling the proper way to start a business. Let us help you with the step by step process and break it down for you, the easy way! You want to get your business started the proper way... I got you! In this mini course you will get:

  • Setting Up Your Business, The Right Way! 7 Steps breaking down the business foundation set-up process. (video)

  • The Easy Business Set-Up Guide (workbook w/ live links)

  • Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals w/ a S.M.A.R.T. Goals Worksheet

  • Creating your 9 to 5 exit strategy (video)

  • Creating Your Empire Checklist (download)

  • Quick Mindset Tips For Success (download)

  • Quick Growth Tips For Success (download)

  • 8 Contract Templates Every Business Needs (download)