The Easy Business Set-Up Guide

Step By Step EXACT steps to set up your business.

So many people search for the exact answers and steps to properly set up your business? In return, they often receive a variety of answers and feedback from several different resources. But at the end of the day, you wish that you could just receive one answer with the step-by-step replay of exactly how to set up and start a business. This workbook is the answer to just that.

Who is this workbook for?

  • Those that are new to business or aspiring to start a business

  • Those who have already established their business, but are looking to make their business an official, legit, and credible business (which means having more than an LLC, EIN, and an iPostal address)

  • Those looking to achieve government contracts and certifications

  • Those looking to establish and obtain business credit and other funding for their business.

  • Those looking for straight forward step-by-step answers on setting up their business.

Who is this workbook NOT for?

  • Those who are content with an LLC, EIN, and an iPostal address.

  • Those who are not serious about setting up a business

  • Those who have a business but don't plan to claim it on their taxes

What will you get in this workbook?

You will get a Step-By-Step printable guide and workbook that you can follow to properly set-up a credible business. This workbook covers everything from business structure to business insurance. You will get live links and resources inside the guide without the need to goggle the resources or websites needed.